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Few consultants bring the combination of policy expertise and hands-on experience in parking systems that Rick Williams Consulting offers to a client. We understand the intricacies associated with self-sustaining parking districts and have successfully shared this experience with public and private clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Rick Williams Consulting provides a variety of parking services to a range of clients, both public and private, from individual businesses to municipalities and state agencies. Our firm has engaged in scores of parking studies and offer our clients direct experience in the design, financing, management, and operation of individual parking assets and complex parking systems, including on-street, surface lots, garages, and bicycle amenities. Rick Williams Consulting offers our clients sound and accurate analysis and an ability to translate parking system data into workable solutions and strategies, while our unique background allows us key insight into elements that are often missed by other parking consulting firms.

Our firm brings a breadth of downtown parking, transportation, and redevelopment experience to our clients. We are sensitive to both the actual and perceived dynamics of parking and use good data to assist clients in understanding the realities of their parking system and craft strategies and solutions tailored to their needs.

We know parking.

We design it. Plan it. Manage it. Improve it. Our breadth of experience is unmatched and this helps us identify opportunities that others overlook. Check out examples of our work below and view a list of our previous clients.


  • Operational Efficiencies & ID Operational Efficiencies
  • Integration of On/Off-Street Parking
  • Parking Management
  • Committee & Community Facilitation
  • Bicycle Parking & Amenities
  • Parking Rightsizing
  • Navigation of Parking Regulations
  • Parking Occupancy & Utilization Analysis
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Regulatory Development & Code Analysis
  • New Development Pro Forma
  • Revenue/Expense Assessment
  • Parking Technologies

SELECTED Work Examples

A complete parking plan for Downtown Oregon City that included extensive data collection, community involvement, demand forecasting and development of a focused and tailored framework of parking management strategies.  The plan contains near, mid and long-term strategies that are triggeredby demand and supported by clear Guiding Principles.

Parking Plan (Oregon City, OR)

RWC knows how to create a sound database of information to catalogue parking supply, whether for a single user or a large downtown. The more you know about how your supply is comprised (e.g., number of stalls, type of stall, on- and off-street) the better information can be derived when occupancy and utilization studies are conducted.

Parking Survey & Operational Analysis

Like auto parking, the proper design, location, and management of bicycle parking is a key component in a comprehensive parking plan.

Bicycle Parking

RWC evaluated Downtown Bellevue’s existing land use code for parking supply to assess consistency with city policies and goals, particularly economic development, livability, and mobility. Our analysis addressed a range of issues related to office parking and its impact on business and development activity. Within this context, policy, code, and assessments of actual office development projects in the downtown were presented. Additionally, forecasts of different code/parking/development scenarios were analyzed and discussed.

Parking Policy & Code (Bellevue, WA)

RWC worked with a developer to properly size their built parking supply in a multi-structure, mixed-use development. The project evaluated an array of peak parking demands based on proposed (complementary) land use types - residential, hotel, park and ride, restaurants, fitness center, and coffee shops. The work resulting in a more efficient and less costly parking stall total that effectively serves the combination of uses in the development.

Predevelopment Parking (Orenco Station, Oregon)

This project developed data-driven tools to estimate parking demand based on land use, transit, and building characteristics. It engaged planners and decision makers to assess zoning code, incorporate market-based mechanisms, and parking management strategies. It also joined with financiers, developers, and property managers to understand how pricing and transportation demand management techniques support smart growth development and affordable housing. Together, this multidisciplinary approach provides tools to balance parking supply with competing interests while achieving economic development and community goals.

Right Size Parking (King County, WA)

A layperson's handbook describing all the elements for implementing a great parking plan from a "Main Street" approach for emerging downtowns. 

Guidance Documents

Spokane’s University District is unique in that three Universities are located in close proximity to each other and are also adjacent to a growing downtown. The plan considers existing utilization, forecasts demand for future parking (both general and residential) and integrates with the larger downtown parking management plan (that RWC also developed for the City of Spokane).

Gonzaga University Washington State University/Eastern Washington University District Parking Plan (Spokane, WA)

In addition to local governments small and large, RWC also works with individual businesses to address parking demand issues and maximize existing parking resources through realistic transportation demand management strategies for employees.

Transportation Demand Management

.A groundbreaking parking management plan developed for Portland’s densest urban area.  The plan involved extensive public facilitation and strategy development, code development and planning between commercial business and residential neighborhood interests.  The plan provides a framework that transitions the district from a free parking environment to a paid parking environment that combines on-street metering, residential and commercial parking permit programs, transportation demand management and revenue sharing (of district meter funds)

Parking Plan (Portland, OR)

A successful community process to raise understanding of "how parking works" and develop a hands-on framework approach for managing parking in a small city.

Workshop & Committee Facilitation

Parking technologies can be as simple as a sign or complex as real-time parking information and pay-by-cell metering. There is a wide range of choices, each with different strengths and weaknesses depending on the context used. RWC has the expertise to help you sort through all them and choose the system that makes the most sense from a both a user and management perspective.

Parking Technologies

Everyone is focused on parking but few are committed to parking management.

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